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Well done, Moira!
Willy, the East Coast Portie, who is anticipating a Portie play date in his future, says, "You made the breed proud today!"
Buffy and her PWD, Willy

oh my gosh girl ...you are thinking this thing through. What if they end up with an Irish Wolfhound?

All I can say is if they are gifted with a pup it will be the best gift ever. Politics and PR aside ... the gift of a dog can be the best gift you ever receive. Our Atticus was a gift, and he brought so much joy and unending possibility into our lives.

I have eight Porties and have been hearing the rumors about Cappy for several months. I have written about it on my blog. We have mixed feelings about seeing a PWD in the White House.

I am following the story too, this has the impact of a missile launch from N. Korea seem pale in comparison. This is newz and history is made again. The Whitehouse now has a victory garden thanks to Michelle's handy green thumb and now a beautiful puppy and kids. This is a moment to remember- the First Dog is near...and getting closer to the Whitehouse. The dog has been vetted, and is accepting the post.
More to come ....much more happiness to follow...as this story develops ...Anderson Cooper has been spotted near some bushes near the Whitehouse...close enough to catch a glimpse of First Dog...but alas....he/ or she...eludes us still....contd.

As Sue mentioned, this has been a rumor in the PWD community for months. Everything fits, doesn't it?

Hmmm, should someone tell Mr. Winkler that his Labradoodle might have hip dysplasia? "The Labradoodle hops everywhere, he doesn't just walk" Might be time to look at some hip xrays!

What's with these rich people and their foreign dogs? I'm a proud American mixed breed from the animal shelter, and I am as loyal and playful as any dog EVER, and I am a damn good watch dog, too.

I like it just fine here in Florida, but I bet there are plenty of fine dogs in the Washington shelter who would be great Whit House dogs, and more than a few in Chicago if the Obama girls want a dog from home.


Thanks so much for all the time you have put into this, Moira!

Although I work for a shelter and have been very involved in purebred rescue for many years, I just can't in good conscience recommend an adopted dog for every situation. There are a lot of things to consider, and the Obamas have several unique concerns, not the least of which is a very allergic daughter. Obviously, they can't and shouldn't get just any dog as the potential for someone's heart being broken is far too great.

While may be argued that they would set a good example by adopting a pet, I happen to believe they are already setting an excellent example by not rushing into an adoption. It's at least as important to be sure the timing is right, and to do one's homework to be sure the right pet is chosen, as it is to be "politically correct" by adopting, imho. My shelter and rescue experience has shown me that if more people would be as careful as the Obamas are being in choosing the right pet at the right time, there would be fewer pets in shelters in the first place.

I can totally sympathize with the concerns the Portie fanciers are feeling about the possibility of having their breed represented in the White House. My own breed (Xoloitzcuintle) was a brief consideration due to their potential to be hypoallergenic, and those of us in this breed had mixed feelings as well. It's hard to not feel pride when you see your breed being chosen to be in the limelight, but you must always consider the potential for problems that come with sudden fame.

When the presidential dog does finally make its appearance in the White House, I hope responsible, caring breeders and rescue groups alike will take advantage of the publicity surrounding the situation.

Please continue to encourage the public to remember all that goes along with dog ownership and to spend the time to make a wise decision before they bring any pet into their homes.

I'm going to keep my fingers and toes crossed that the Obama girls will soon have their new best friend, and that he will be a perfect match that will serve as a wonderful example for our country.

way to go moira! you had your finger on the pulse of this from the very beginning! i know we were all hoping for a rescue but they did bring some awareness to rescues and who knows maybe they'll get another...:)

well done, great post

President Obama’s Family Dog should Have Been a Poodle. I think the best breed of dog is a Poodle. Poodles are amazingly smart and quick learners. They are great companions and wonderful with children. They are very friendly and can be very protective. They are the only dogs from all dog breeds that have no dog smell as well as they do not shed their hair. You can keep their hair long or short and they are absolutely beautiful either way. I wish Obama’s family picked a Poodle, but the Portuguese Water Dog Bo has grown on me after seeing his pictures and all the media attention. Well he still needs to learn to stop chewing peoples’ feet as mentioned in many articles. He still has much to learn, which comes naturally to a Poodle. As we all know, Mr. Obama’s daughters are supposed to take care of the puppy, but it appears Michelle has fallen for Bo and thinks of him as “her dog”. She walks him at 5:15 a.m. and throughout the day on a regular basis. President Obama takes Bo for a walk in the late evening. I hope they clean up after Bo with Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags since they care so much about the environment. LuckyDogMart.com will be happy to be of service. We have a special promotion of BioBags during the month of May at www.LuckyDogMart.com. We wish Bo and family many happy times in the White House


Great post ! i've already subscribed to your feed. Thanks.

Very funny, congratulations!

By any chance did you find out if Cappy is Obama's family dog? Cappy is a dog now not a puppy.

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