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Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiƧa?



Okay, how cute is that dog?!

... for all pet owners or concerned parents of human or animal kids out there.....

just don't believe all you hear from experts without checking facts!

Dr. Nestle may be great but just like all of us she doesn't (can't) know all of it. She doesn't seem to know or want to acknowledge that organic certification for pet foods already exists (there are no specific pet food standards yet but certified organic pet foods follow still the relatively high standards for certified organic human foods to the iota) and she doesn't seem to know that raw food is the best food animals (and we 'smart' humans) evolved on so successfully. Perhaps, if we'd not kill all the nutrients before we ate our food, we would be healthier and less immune suppressed, so that we'd even be able to survive contact with "terribly dangerous" raw foods without getting sick!.....

My take home messages:
1. Don't heat your (pet's) food to a degree where its nutrients degrade!

2. Don't 'blindly' believe people which don't stay on top of their expert experience or just seem to be resistant to learning about new things...

3. Don't fall prey to pet food manufacturers that claim to sell you organic pet foods. If their food isn't *certified* organic you only have the word of the manufacturer and not the assurance by an unbiased third-party that substantiates that a manufacturer's organic (hormone-free, GMO-free, antibiotic-free, even human grade where applicable etc.) claims are true...

The link you see when you click on "Rosie" will show you companies that are paying members of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and not all of them sell you certified organic (think: 'USDA organic' seal) pet foods. So you'll have to check their sites.

If you don't see 'certified organic' claims and or the USDA organic seal, keep on looking for a food that has been verified to be (certified!) organic.

Check for the USDA organic seal and *certified* organic claims even if you see a lot of promises of organic , antibiotic-free, hormone-free, GMO-free,.... human grade, etc.

If you don't see *certified* organic claims or the USDA organic seal, you may fall prey to 'smart' marketing scams that takes the health of your pet and your wallet on a ride.

Oh yes, I should mention that only certified organic claims are regulated and enforced by the US government while all other 'organic' claims are free for grabs and can be legally ab-used in the pet food industry.

I (a pet food manufacturer) could not have said it better.

Certified organic pet foods exist and only certified organic pet food claims are verified by an independent and USDA-accredited organic certifying agency.

Currently, organic certification of pet foods follows exactly the same regulations as they exist for certified organic human foods.

P.S. Careful consumers - 'USDA approved' or USDA facility' does NOT equal 'USDA organic' (read more at http://www.onestaorganics.com/blog)

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